Corporate Photography

brent steve


Why have a corporate headshot taken by a professional photographer?

Employers and Recruiters are professional people and for high paid positions they search for people who present themselves in a professional manner. They will nearly always search social media sites to find what people are like behind the scenes.

They will therefore be looking at your photograph to see what you are like.  That does not necessarily mean you need to be wearing a suit, but they are looking to see how professionally you present yourself. A photograph that was not done by a professional will probably look like it was done by an amateur, and that may create a bad impression. You only get one chance to make a first impression and to a professional eye they can spot an issue. That may mean the difference in getting a high paid position or being passed over. Why take the chance?

We can do a professional corporate headshot in your workplace, in studio or outside to present the image that you want to create. 


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