Requirements For Printing and Frequently Asked Questions

Registered users can use the upload tool to send a file to us for printing, mounting and custom framing.

Once you have read these requirements, login or register and Upload your image for printing, matting and framing as required.


There are three types of printing that we do, being Standard Printing, Fine Art Printing and Acrylic Mounting.

The following explains our printing options and requirements.


What is Standard Printing?

Standard printing is where we print a file that you provide without any adjustments or corrections. The customer must ensure that the file is "print ready".

All of our prints however are done using the same machines as our fine art printing.

You have choice of paper type from gloss, pearl and metallic.

Standard prints can be posted rolled or flat. Large prints will be rolled if posted. 

Prints can also be mounted and framed.

Order or quote your printing in the Quote tool.  


What is Fine Art Printing?

Fine Art Printing is used to describe the process of making an extremely high quality print using archival quality pigment inks onto acid free fine art matte paper with a high end machine usually with 8 or more colours and a colour managed workflow to ensure the most accurate colour.

Aspiration Images consults and manages the entire printing process. This may include file preparation and adjustments, consulting on paper selection and gamut management, and printing using pigment inks on archival paper.

Paper types are semi-gloss, smooth matte and textured matte.

Small prints can be posted flat. Large prints will be rolled if posted, but are best mounted and framed to avoid damage. 

The term "Giclée printing" was originally used in 1991 and was often used to describe Fine Art Printing, however modern archival pigment inks and papers are now far superior to the dye inks, printers and papers of the past. So a modern Fine Art Print should be better than a Giclée print.

Use the Quote tool to order your printing.  


What is Acrylic Mounting?

Your photo is printed and then face mounted to the back of an acrylic sheet with polished edges.

A backing is then applied to allow the photograph to hang slimly on the wall.

You have choice of paper type of gloss and metallic. Use the Quote tool to order your Acrylic Mounting.




Technical Requirements 


File Format and Naming

Images must be TIFF, JPG or PDF format

Please ensure that your image file names only contain letters, numbers and the underscore "_" or hyphen "-" characters and no spaces and have the appropriate file extension ( .jpg, .tif ) 

If you are uploading multiple images then ensure they all have different names. Record the file names as you will need them in the tool.

The preferred file is a 16 bit TIFF with a file name including your name. For example John_Smith_Waterfall.tif


Files for printing. 

If you are uploading multiple images then ensure they all have different names. Record the file names to use when preview the images.

If you are uploading an image for us to print then it needs to be of sufficient pixel size to print at the size you require.

As a guide, we need 90 pixels per inch for minimum quality, 180 pixels per inch for acceptable quality and 360 pixels per inch for best quality.

Images must be TIFF, JPG or PDF format.

The maximum image size is 50MByte.

If you wish to upload a file then you will need to Register and Login. Once you are ready logged in then you can upload a file. Alternatively, you can post or bring the file to us.



All images will normally be printed with a border. Matte images may have a larger border, as they must use straight through paper paths. We adjust for borders when cutting mat boards. 

If your image size is critical please advise us in the notes and we will contact you. 


Aspect Ratio

Image files must be the same aspect ratio as the image size that you require. The aspect ratio is the number of pixels on the long side divided by the number of pixels on the short side. If you do the same calculation on the image size you must get the same number.

If they are not then the image will need to be cropped by you or the image size changed.


Colour Profile

The correct ICC colour profile must be embedded in the file.

ProPhotoRGB ensures the best result possible, as it contains all of the visible colours.

AdobeRGB is also excellent. It contains most of the colour information found in products and nature.

sRGB is acceptable, but it is a much smaller colour space. It is fine for portrait work but not recommended for product or nature photography.

The actually colours that can be printed depend on the printer and paper combination used, but it is best not to restrict colours at the file.



The price for Standard Printing does not include any adjustments. The photographer is responsible for any defects in the image uploaded. This may include but is not limited to brightness or darkness of the image, lack of resolution for the size you want to print, incorrect aspect ratio or incorrect colour profile. The file uploaded must be print ready.

If you require image editing adjustments then these can be done for $100 per hour, with a minimum charge of $20. 

Fine Art Printing includes the processes and adjustments necessary to ensure best quality printing of the image on archival paper. It does not mean editing, retouching of blemishes or other photograph defects. These editing adjustments are charged as above.


Paper Sizes

Paper is available in sheet and roll form


Rolls are 17" or 431mm wide

Roll paper can be printed to the length of the roll.

Prints over A4 in sheet paper, and roll paper in all cases, are printed with a border. You should allow 5mm on each side

Matte paper generally can not be printed borderless in sheets. The borders can be up to 20mm.

If you require borderless then they are printed from rolls at a larger size and cost.

Larger prints by arrangement.


Paper Types

The paper currently used is:

Standard Printing

Gloss - Ilford Galerie Smooth Gloss 290 gsm or Centurion PhotoGloss 285 gsm 

Pearl - Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl 290 gsm

Metallic - Centurion Chromajet Metallic Pearl 285 gsm

Semi-Gloss - Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk 315 gsm


Fine Art Printing

Smooth Matte - Canson Infinity BFK Rives 310gsm or Epson Hot Press Natural 300gsm

Textured Matte - Canson Infinity Arches Aquarelle Rag 310gsm

Not all papers may be available in all sizes.


Paper imperfections

We check all paper for imperfections before printing.

We will always try to eliminate these but minor paper blemishes are unfortunately a part of printing

Often these minor imperfections can not be seen until the print is completed and replacements are not economical.

Imperfections in the files are not our responsibility.


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